Professional Cleaning and Sealing for Tile and Grout

For premier tile and grout cleaning in surrounding London, ON. Look no further than The London Steam. Our cutting-edge technology produces amazing results. When your home's grout is dirty, it can ruin the appearance of your entryway, hallway, kitchen, bathroom, bathtub and shower area.

When you let us handle your tile and grout cleaning, you won't have to worry about scrubbing on your hands and knees with a toothbrush. We apply specialized cleansers to both tile and grout, and we'll do the dirty work for you, scrubbing the grout lines until they're spick and span. We'll then use powerful, truck-mounted cleaning systems that utilize the power of steam to provide a better clean.

For incredible results for your floors, kitchens, countertops, backsplashes, stonework, patios, bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, toilets and anywhere that has tile and grout, turn to the professionals at The London Steam. We also offer commercial tile and grout cleaning services throughout South Western Ontario!

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When you hire Cyclone Professional Cleaners to clean and restore your tile and grout, you'll be surprised how fast and simple our specialized process is. When we begin your tile and grout cleaning services, our professional technicians create personalized cleaning solutions to ensure effective and lasting results. Each floor area of your home will take about 60 to 90 minutes to clean, depending on the amount of soiling in the grout and the room layout.

Getting a kitchen, entry, or shower floor as clean as possible takes a professional cleaning and sealing application process. Each step will ensure that your tile and grout end up looking as good as new.

Step 1 — We Apply Our Cleanser - Our acid-free commercial-grade cleanser is safer than others, yet it still breaks down oil and dirt that has accumulated over time.

Step 2 — Work Cleanser Into Grout - Dirt, grime and soil can be tricky to clean when they've attached themselves into your grout. That's why our team will work the cleanser into those hard to reach grout lines with brushes to break up the buildup.

Step 3 — Steam - By steaming your grout, we can provide a level of clean like no other. Using our powerful, truck-mounted system and equipment, we'll clean the grout with concentrated hot water and high-volume suction.

Step 4 — Seal the Grout - When the grout is thoroughly cleaned, we'll use a specialized, penetrating sealer to seal open pores. By sealing your grout with this commercial-grade product, we'll deliver the durability and strength to provide long-lasting results and help you maintain a clean look.

Our grout sealant applications are deterrents for grout staining when spills with colour are involved.

Step 5 - Cure - Once the cleaning with sealant has been applied, we recommend allowing the area to cure for 24 hours or more. Do not mop or pull furniture across, and only lightly using or walking across these areas for at least a full day.

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